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Visit Luino and be enriched in one of the most inspiring towns in Nothern Italy

Luino is a brilliant gem, well worth visiting, even for a day.
If you are looking either for a cultural getaway in the itinerary of the grand and petit tour, or a romantic weekend break, then visit Luino and be inspired.
Renowned for its exquisite Liberty architecture, and its market, one of the biggest in Europe, Luino is fast
developing a flourishing, cutting-edge scene.
Luino represents the ideal touring base to explore the magnificent surrounding natural landscapes: enjoy
surfing, nordic walking, cycling, riding and practicing sports both on the lake and on the mountains in the
Delve into the city's vibrant café culture, or simply watch the world go by while sipping a drink by the amazing lake.
Admiring the old harbour, you may perceive the romantic mood of the ancient town, either tasting
a smelling cup of coffee or pouring a cup of flavoured tea at the Clerici Cafè.
This is the oldest Cafè in town with luxurious crystal chandeliers dating the beginning of the last century. Here you may enjoy the breathtaking view of the emerald mountains all around the zephyr lake.
In the XII nd century, Luino represented the intersection both of the local transport (from the valleys to the
lake) and of the longest ways coming from Switzerland (from Gottardo/Locarno/Lugano/Lario).
Built in 1845,the old harbour really represents one of the most elegant places in town enriched in 1954 by the golden statue of Holy Mary called “Madonnina”, carved under the pattern of the one on the “Duomo” the main cathedral sited in Milan. This statue really dominates the spectacular landscape of the lake.
Sited just in front of the old harbour, Casa Zanella (Zanella House) boastes one of the most beautiful
façades in Luino, with an important double staircase.
Piero Chiara one of the main Italian writers, was born here in 1913. In Zanella House you may appreciate a great dinner in the elegant restaurant recently renewed by the famous architect Simone Micheli.
In this area, taking a tour in Via Cavallotti, in the merchant’s quarter, you can really feel the beating heart of the city: the ancient bourg bursting with history and charme, from its ancient buildings to its newly restored.
Taking a five minutes walk, you discover Serenelle Beach, a pretty elegant grass beach where to tan
enjoying the spectacular landscape of the mountains mirroring in the lake!
The gorgeous garden sited in Villa Fonteviva is located in the nearbies.
Returning downtown you may visit Piazza Libertà with its ancient palaces: Casa Rossi (Rossi House) is here,with its elegant courtyard.
Continue in discovering Luino’s treasures: do not miss both Crivelli Serbelloni palace, that, steeped in Liberty history, offers stunning architecture, and Palazzo Verbania, one of the most precious jewels of the city, where you may visit the most interesting expositions in town. In the evening, peolple come in the cafès sited this area either to taste a glass of good Italian wine, or to drink a beer listening to music.
Another luxurious palace, nowadays hosts Camin Hotel, the only four stars hotel of the coast: a superb
location characterized by a wonderful garden and a fascinating house.
In Luino you may enjoy a cultural experience visiting Villa Huessy, a Villa in Liberty style, recently renewed where you find the library, the grand place where books live.
For those that love reading and collecting literature, a library can be the magical site of the imagination, where to find volumes on almost every imaginable topic.
Villa Huessy hosts the prestigious archive of Vittorio Sereni.
Chiesa del Carmine and Chiesa di san Pietro in Campagna are two of the most interesting churches to visit.

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